Ballpoint pens that write at any angle

Photo taken from Japanese blog: Originally a sealed streamlined cap, the modern pen cap has a small hole at the top to meet safety standards, helping to prevent suffocation if children suck it into the throat. This part is the small, circular black component at the bottom of the photo.

The pen measures 5. The line is incredible smooth regardless of the angle. So what is it like to actually write with a fresh, new Trident. It showed me enough structure that I was able to work out how to disassemble the Trident.

Hornbeck web forum pseudonym contacted me, asking for some advice on how to disassemble a Sailor Trident pen. Also, there are no oily blobs. China, which currently produces about 80 percent of the world's ballpoint pens, relied up to on imported ballpoint tips and metal alloys.

Let's face it, a disposable ballpoint pen is still more convenient than an expensive fountain pen that needs filling and periodic maintenance.

Technical Details

Loud's pen had a small rotating steel ball, held in place by a socket. Undaunted, he continued to search the web until he found a photo of a dissassembled Trident pen on this web site which had in turn copied the photo from this Japanese blog which has even more photos.

With no commercial viability, its potential went unexploited [1] and the patent eventually lapsed. Perhaps soft nib pliers would do the trick, here. If the socket was too loose, or the ink too thin, the pen would leak or the ink would smear.

Photo taken from Japanese blog: The nib cannot be taken apart for a thorough cleaning. As Sailor did the research this new pen design concept, it came to their attention that this very nib had already been designed by a company called Spacer. Hornbeck kindly gave me permission to include that post here: Just as three legs are sufficient to make a table stand on its own, so Spacer discovered that three sets of tines would allow a pen to write at any rotation and angle.

I asked a Sailor representative about this and learned that this was an arbitrary naming of the pens to give them a modern image like a plane.

Pen writes on wet paper & at any angle

The three tined Trident nib was far more difficult and costly to produce than a traditional fountain pen nib. Eraser Mate Ballpoint Stick Erasable Pen Ink is pressurized, allowing you to write at any angle for complete versatility.

Technology advanced erasable ink allows you to write like a ballpoint pen, yet. Uniball Powertank pens are fantastic as the write on wet paper, at any angle and in freezing weather.

They come in black or blue.

Eraser Mate Pen

The red has now been discontinued and we have sold out of this version. This item Anti-Gravity Ball Point Pen Writes Any Angle (Black) Fisher Space Pen Cap-O-Matic Space Pen, Chrome Cap with Space Shuttle Imprint, Black Barrel (S) Fisher Space Pen Writes Upside Down Ballpoint Retractable Pen, Black (ECL)/5(17).

The refill uses a thixotropic ink which remains solid until 'stirred' by the ball point, a nitrogen gas plug ensures a steady flow of ink at any angle, hence, the pen is not reliant on gravity to draw the ink from the pen. Fisher space pens write on glossy surface such as plastics and coated papers, they even write through grease and underwater.5/5(K).

The Fisher Space Pen is used in outer space because it can write in zero gravity, can write upside down or at any angle, and can write in extreme temperatures. Regular people can use the Space Pen as they would a regular pen but won't have to worry about writing on an angle or upside down. Excellent general purpose ball-point pen which can replace all your office pens as it has the following additonal unique qualities - - Writing @ any angle.

Ballpoint pens that write at any angle
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