Assess the view that poor countries

This involved not only some early shaping, but continued influence over 40 years. But where violence hits, it does so with a high impact on human life, property, and life quality in general. As of SeptemberGermany has not yet ratified the UN convention against corruption.

Last, corruption at the highest level gives a bad example for fighting the corruption at the local level Corruption. This may not always be to the advantage of the LED country. Land may also be distributed without formal procedures or written proof by the heads of tribes.

In particular, the US is involved in quite a number of conflicts see table below. Effects By influencing the LED country, the donor country advances its own interests, and disregards the interests of the recipient country. LED countries were not economically developed.

As the ILC observes, land deals are made behind closed doors, and local land holders have usually no say in the deals [ 59 ]. Yet, this would mainly maintain the status quo without helping the country to fight its poverty on long-term.

However, the government is often corrupt Eliteand may give large portions of the money simply to its own cronies [ibid].

Assessing Globalization

Finally, rich countries insist on protecting their patents, which leads to high prices for technology and medicine for poor countries. They are also popular among poorer nations in Asia and the Middle East, as well as in middle income countries such as Malaysia, Brazil, and Chile.

Under these conditions, it is practically impossible to make proper deals for land. The poorest people in these countries have to live on less than 2 dollars a day.

As the ILC summarizes, these include land degradation, water pollution, excessive use of fresh water, biodiversity loss, degradation, diversion of water from environmental flows, and loss of ecosystem services such as the maintenance of soil and water quality, as well as carbon sequestration [ 59 ].

Such practices have to be outlawed. Rich countries subsidize their agriculture. Discussion Officially, WTO decisions are taken in consensus.

In particular, if he abolishes or obstructs opposition parties, then there is no threat for him to be called to account for his actions. A change in this seems extremely hard to achieve. For example, both Italy and France have seen double digit declines in support for trade since Support for free markets jumped significantly in several countries that have enjoyed strong growth in recent years, such as India 62 percent in76 percent in and Poland 44 percent in68 percent in UN Security Council Resolutions vetoed [ 14 ] In any case, foreign influence has to be administered with approval of the international community.

Cash transfers are the best way of delivering some help. Wikipedia also provides a good overview of the scope and effect of land deals [ 57 ]. It is also unacceptable that Western governments interfere with local politics. The government can dictate the terms under which the land can be used.

Other influence happens through international organizations: I have argued that, in general, the fault with corruption lies with the person who accepts the bribe [ 5 ]. 18 mark question plan; rich keep the poor poor.

1. Using material from item C and elsewhere, assess the view that the rich countries of the world ‘are deliberately keeping poor countries poor’. Why are poor countries poor? There is probably no simple answer to that question.

Most likely, there are numerous factors that play a role. To assess that quantity, let us conduct a thought experiment.

Why are Poor Countries Poor?

Let us assume that this money were handed out directly to the population. They may know only the government’s view of the opposition. 18 maker: assess the view that the rich countries are deliberately keeping the poor countries poor. Dependency theory would argue that rich countries are keeping poor countries poor in terms of their.

Why are poor countries poor? There is probably no simple answer to that question. To assess that quantity, let us conduct a thought experiment. A non-Muslim woman The hypothesis that people in LED countries would have an inadequate view of responsibility is a very strong hypothesis — in particular because it is based on only.

21 things they never tell you about poor countries

I lived in 60 countries the last 40 years, many of them were very developing areas, if you give just money, it is not the solve, at all It is so corrupt, it rarely goes where needed.

The view in the question is most closely associated with Dependency Theory which argued that poor countries would remain poor due to their exploitation through colonialism and then neo-colonialism.

Assess the view that poor countries
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Why are Poor Countries Poor?